dashboard IDIAG Dashboard Beta unfold_more

Visualize enriched data and define alerts rules

dashboard IDIAG Dashboard Beta unfold_less
  • Features:
  • table_chart Multi Device Table
  • multiline_chart Multi Device Chart
  • get_app CSV Export
  • warning Event Rules
  • notifications Notification Rules
  • map Maps soon
table_chart SENSE Web unfold_more

Visualize raw data and create simple alerts

table_chart SENSE Web unfold_less
  • Features :
  • table_chart Tables
  • multiline_chart Multi Device Graph
  • warning Simple event rules
  • notifications Notifications
  • map Map
  • get_app CSV Export
library_books Documentation API unfold_more

Use the API to create your own dashboards or retrieve your data live via HTTP callbacks

library_books Documentation unfold_less
  • Features:
  • https HTTPS Callback
  • list_alt Device list
  • history Timeseries data
  • warning Event rules
  • notifications Notification rules
help Support unfold_more

Need help ? Open a support ticket

help Support unfold_less
  • Contactez nous par :
  • contact_support Support tickets
  • phone +33 (0)5 61 33 10 00
business Site Corporate unfold_more

Find out about all INTESENS devices, their features and use cases

business Site Corporate unfold_less
  • fiber_new Blog
  • Device Types
  • Datasheets
  • Use cases